Events and groups

Waterfall Event Venue

Waterfall Event Venue in the Indian Village is a beautiful unique garden in which you can celebrate a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, and any desired event. The venue is for events up to 400 people.

You can have a retreat with several days of celebration with special activities in the area.

The meals are Kosher and are served in a beautiful venue with a valley view.

There is a variety of menus- which include meats, dairy etc. 

Shabats for the Religious section

The Indian Village hosts families for Shabat get together in the midst of nature. it can be suitable for Shabat Chatan, Bar Mitzvahs, and family events.

We have special spaces for gathering( lectures, classes, games, etc.) cozy sitting areas, picnic tables, lawns, dining hall, and public kitchen where you can cook or place Shabat warming plates.

An independent kosher hike to the black waterfall.  The Village is near a religious settlement where there is a synagogue. also, there is a road that can be driven during Shabbat.

costume meals- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. also Shabbat third meals. 



Sleeping arrangements in rooms + 3 meals (including coffee and cake in the morning)

adult: 625 NIS

children: 400 NIS

Sleeping arrangements in field tents+  3 meals (including coffee and cake in the morning)

400 NIS ( from the age of 2)

sheets and towels- 30 NIS extra


Over the years many schools from all over the country and world stayed at the Indian Village. The Village is known for supplying high-end, air-conditioned lodging for schools. high-quality food and the benefit of being close to all the Golan has to offer.

Meals on the road

Here in the Indian Village we serve customize meals for groups.

Contact us and we will customize a menu uniquely for your needs. 

All the meals are made from high quality products, and are served in our dining hall or garden.

All meals are Kosher.

Companies retreat & team building

In the Indian village, you can have a different and unique lodging for companies’ staff or any other group that wants to do something different!

Sleeping in Mongolian group tents - a great and unique experience (up to 30 people in a tent)

High-quality meals - which are prepared by our Chef who is also a Chef.

Activities can be added to the experience:

bow and arrow shooting, an Indian journey to El-Al creak, tai- chi and more...

Conferences and workshops

Organizing a conference or a workshop? The Indian Village is the ideal place for it.

Here you can host it in the peace and quiet of nature.

We provide for your conference or workshop big tents or just in the middle of nature.