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Air & Atmosphere

Our Story

The Indian village was established by the Village Chief and his wife who served together in the IDF “Nachal” regiment, and after the Yom Kippur war decided to build their dream home in the Golan Heights. After years of working in agriculture, their dream of building a unique tourism site started to come alive. After many searches, they found the perfect place in the El-AL nature reserve, near their home, above the Black Waterfall, within the natural Golan view, with the view of the Hermon Mt. in the north.


The vision of this village is to be a unique vacation village who connects travelers with nature. An ideal place to find serenity and peace to disconnect from the day to day routine, and be a focal point to all the Golan has to offer.


Up until a few years ago, our guests stayed in Tipi tents, for which we called our Village the Indian Village. But, lately, the village had gone under major changes and the traditional tipis were replaced with Mongolian tents who are air-conditioned and heated and are suitable for all seasons.

The Village is well kept and has all the amenities in order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, kind friendly and personal guest services that accommodate itself to its visitors.  ​


Nice to Meet You 

The Indian Village is for couples, families, schools and employee groups. Each group will get suitable accommodations for their needs.

in the Village, there is a Kosher kitchen who serves personalized meals for our guests.


What else is there in the village

Indian Village Dining Hall

The dining Hall is suitable for groups or families up to 200 people. Pre-ordered meals of all kinds.

Event Venue

Waterfall Event Venue in the Indian Village is a beautiful unique garden in which you can celebrate a wedding, Bar Mitzvah and any desired event.

El- Al Nature Reserve


The Indian Village is located on the cliff of El-Al nature reserve, just near the starting point of the path that leads to the creak. Our guests can enjoy a nature hike or just strolling in the promenade above the creak. 




Guests recommend

We are a group of families who like to travel together, and we a wonderful experience in the Indian Village. The staff is amazing and the kids enjoyed and wide-open spaces the Village has to offer and the hike in the El-Al creak.

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